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Welcome to CIEEDAC 

The Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre (CIEEDAC) is part of the Energy and Materials Research Group in the School of Resource and Environmental Management, which is an academic programme in the Faculty of Environment at Simon Fraser University
. We are dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of practical and unbiased information related to energy use in Canadian Industry.

CIEEDAC has harmonized its three databases on District Energy, Renewable Energy and Cogeneration.  The aggregate listing of facilities is now available online
This year, with support from Natural Resources Canada, CIEEDAC harmonized the cogeneration database, district energy database, and the renewable energy databases.  With this change, each facility is cross-referenced across all three databases.  For example, a cogeneration unit fuelled with wood waste that services a district energy system now exists in all three databases.
The Canadian Renewable Energy Database has been updated (May 2014). The information is now 
The database now contains information on over 1500 individual renewable energy sources.
Most of the data are publicly available from numerous sources, both private and public. In this database, the data have been assembled and reviewed for consistency. Here, one can obtain information on the state of Renewable Energy in Canada in one place allowing interested parties to access non‐confidential data on such systems operating in Canada.  One can use the query system to generate reports by technology type, industry, region and many other options.
Due to data challenges, the database does not presently account for solar thermal and earth energy systems.

The Canadian Cogeneration Database has been updated (March 2015). The information is now
CIEEDAC has reviewed and simplified its current dataset on cogeneration.  After aligning it with CIEEDAC's other databases and evaluating the existing data set, we provide an updated, revised version of data and associated report to those interested in this perspective on Canada's energy system.  The database identifies size (capacity, MWe), location and thermal host of industrial cogeneration facilities in Canada as well as commercial / institutional and district energy cogeneration systems.
Most of these data are publicly available from numerous sources, both private and public. In this database, the data have been assembled and reviewed for consistency. One can use the query system to generate reports by technology type, fuel type, industry, region and many other options.

CIEEDAC has updated its dataset on district energy (March, 2015) after harmonizing the data with other CIEEDAC databases and updating its online query system.  The information is now available online
CIEEDAC received support from Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY to harmonize this data set with the cogeneration and renewable energy data set this year.  Not only were the data harmonized but more of the data have been made available through a new query interface that is aligned with that of the renewable energy and cogeneration databases.  Data were received from a number of new systems have been included in the dataset; at least 67 DE facilities are now included in the database.
Updated Industry Reports are available online now. 
CIEEDAC has updated its set of industry reports many of Canada's major industries: Aluminium, Cement, Chemical Products, Construction, Foundries, Iron and Steel, Mining, Pulp and Paper and Wood Products. Click Here

Our Purpose

Accurate and timely information on energy is needed by industries aiming to remain competitive and meet environmental obligations, by governments trying to set appropriate policy, and by utilities or energy service companies attempting to influence energy consumption. CIEEDAC helps these organisations by:


  • facilitating access to data on energy consumption in Canadian industry,
  • monitoring the quality of data to ensure that it 1) represents the complexities of industrial energy use and 2) meets the diverse needs of the interested parties, and
  • investigating and implementing methods to improve data collection and data analysis.


Our Resources

CIEEDAC's staff bring together a wide range of expertise in industrial energy modelling, engineering and policy analysis. We work in close cooperation with industrial associations, federal and provincial governments, Statistics Canada, and similar agencies in other countries.

Our Databases

  • maintaining a comprehensive database from 1990 to the present. The data include annual energy consumption, CO2, CH4 and N2O emissions, cumulative GHG emissions and production data. Data are disaggregated by type of energy and by industry nationally. Some historical (1990 – 1996) data on expenditures on energy and physical energy consumption are available at the provincial level as well.
  • maintaining and updating databases of renewable electricity generation and cogeneration in Canada.
  • providing an interactive database for accessing our data on-line.

Our Publications

  • publishing annual reports on the information in the database such as trends in energy consumption, GHG emissions, and intensity indicators.
  • publishing three newsletters a year.

Our Projects

  • providing specific data analysis for sponsors, and improving data accessibility and quality through focused projects.
  • completing an annual literature review covering consumer and firm behaviour when purchasing energy-using equipment

Our Sponsors

CIEEDAC is a non-profit organisation funded through sponsorship. It was established in 1993 through an initiative by Natural Resources Canada to develop a system of National Energy Use Database centres. Similar centres exist for buildings (residential and commercial) and transportation sectors. CIEEDAC is located in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia.